About Us

Westbourne Uniform Ltd is a company based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, dedicated to supplying quality goods and services, efficiently and at the right price. We keep our own costs to a minimum because we know that low overheads means lower prices to you, without losing optimum service levels.

We've built up a good reputation for a fast, friendly service and that's important to us because many of our customers become friends too. We believe that business should be efficient, cost effective and enjoyable which is why we bring honesty and openness into everything we do.

ICT is used in all back office operations, especially open source solutions. This translates directly into efficient customer support and as Linux users we understand the ethos of being open and co-operative. It all means that you can be very sure that anything we transmit to you is virus and malware free.

The website was designed and built by Jules using Opencart. Images were designed and built using The Gimp and Inkscape.


Westbourne Uniform Ltd.  Registered in England:
13920008 VAT reg 407 3878 78